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Agricultural soils were collected from 10 European countries over a 1,800,000 km2 area surrounding the Baltic Sea. The sampling density was 1 site/2500 km2. Two samples were taken at each site: topsoil 0-25 cm (ploughing layer, Ap-horizon) and subsoil (bottom samples, usually B- or C-horizon) at an approximate depth of 50-75 cm, well below the ploughed(More)
The situation resulting from the Chernobyl fallout in 1987 was compared to that in 2000--2001 in Finland and NW Russia and that in 2003 in the Baltic countries. 786 humus (0-3 cm layer) samples were collected during 2000--2001 in the Barents Ecogeochemistry Project, and 177 samples in the Baltic countries in 2003. Nuclides emitting gamma-radiation in the(More)
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