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The change-making problem (assemble a to ta l of C cents using the least number of coins) is r epresen ta t ive of a f requent ly encountered class of opt imizat ion problems. A recursive a lgor i thm is developed for solving t h a t problem. A much s imp le r -bu t not universal ly appl icable-a lgor i thm is also presented, and a procedure is described(More)
INTRODUCTION Central nervous system infection continues to be an important cause of mortality and morbidity worldwide. Our incomplete knowledge on the pathogenesis of how meningitis-causing pathogens cause CNS infection and emergence of antimicrobial resistance has contributed to the mortality and morbidity. An early empiric antibiotic treatment is critical(More)
This paper deals with the synthesis of sequential machines (without a distinguished initial state) which satisfies a specified list of input sequences and corresponding output sequences. Readily testable necessary and sufficient conditions are given for such a list to result in a realizable machine, and an algorithm is formulated for constructing the(More)
This project aims at building a prototype of a land-based early forest fire detection system using a longwave infrared camera, powered by a 12 V motorcycle battery. It uses a system engineering approach by putting different software and hardware blocks together to come up with a unique automated system that detects fire in the field of view. The fire can be(More)
PURPOSE We investigated the practical application of a calculation algorithm based on the Monte Carlo method to stereotactic radiosurgery treatment planning. In radiosurgery, high dose gradients and the lack of electronic disequilibrium make high resolution matrices and high computing power and speed necessary to obtain accurate dose distribution. To date,(More)
W e have i n t roduced a fo rmal i sm which allows us to expl ica te cer ta in r a t h e r gross p roper t i e s of l anguage processing sys tems . As i t is, the n o t a t i o n should be useful for des igning the out l ines of complex p r o g r a m m i n g sy s t e ms a n d the i r imp lemen ta t i on , and i t should be especia l ly good for documen ta t(More)
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