A. Gill Waters

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Due to the stubborn nature of the deterministic job-shop scheduling problem many solutions proposed are of hybrid construction cutting across the traditional disciplines. The problem has been investigated from a variety of perspectives resulting in several analytical techniques combining generic as well as problem specific strategies. We seek to assess a(More)
An increasing number of networking applications involve mul tiple participants and are therefore best supported by multicasting Where a multicast application consumes high bandwidth it is important to min imise the e ect on the network by o ering economical multicast routes Many new applications made possible by networks based on ATM in volve real time(More)
Distributed System design is a highly complicated and non-trivial task. The problem is characterized by the need to design multi-threaded, multi-processor, and multi-media systems. Design frameworks such as Open Distributed Processing (ODP), the ITU/ISO standard, provide significant, theoretical, guidance and aids towards the provision of successful(More)
We study decentralised low delay degree-constrained overlay multicast tree construction for single source real-time applications. This optimisation problem is NP-hard even if computed centrally. We identify two problems in traditional distributed solutions, namely the greedy problem and delay-cost trade-off. By offering solutions to these problems, we(More)
The paper describes the Permabase project, funded by BT, which produced prototypcs to predict software perforniance automatically at the systems design stage. It discusses thc Permabase rationale and describes the architecture and details of the prototype systems and its validation using case studies. Tt discusses the use of UML as a mechanism for capturing(More)