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New techniques of study, namely echography, urography, TC, give evidence of a great number of asymptomatic renal cysts in the everyday experience. Then also if haematuria was classically considered one of the symptoms of renal cysts, there are now many reasons to consider such evidence very infrequent, and downright there are some valid doubts that renal(More)
In the paper is described the chronological outline adopted from the authors about the endoscopic treatment in case of oesophageal caustications, both in the emergency and, respectively, after one week and after one month. It is emphasized the importance of an endoscopic recognition within 6/12 hours after the caustic ingestion, to prevent the immediate(More)
Diabetes represents a risk factor for patients undergoing surgery, not only in emergency but also in elective situations. All efforts in such patients are addressed to the restoration of the most physiologic conditions in respect for glucose balance and glucose metabolism since the preoperative phase, and during all the perioperative period. As these(More)
Hepatic haemangiomas are mostly discovered by chance because of their limited dimensions. Their treatment is optional and very often an observing conservative strategy is adopted whilst a danger is foreseeing from different facts. Very different is the case of giant haemangiomas discovered because their bulk and discomfort coming from the compression(More)
The case of a retrosternal localization of Hodgkin disease is a very infrequent one, and its presentation as an inflammatory tumor is exceptional indeed. This case report of a young woman affected by a cervical tumour projecting in front of the sternal bone, both with fever and tenderness, gave a mistaken address toward a diagnosis of suppurative(More)
The Italian surgeon needs to know the real situation about gallbladder carcinoma in Italy, his professional field of action: real incidence, sex and age characteristics and regional distribution with useful correlations to define the risk population. We can use nowadays the ISTAT data (since 1969 also in magnetic tape) about such neoplasia, based on death(More)
The perfect acquaintance of the surgical anatomy of the parotid region associated to the rigid execution of the operative times by now standardized for the interventions on the parotid gland, they constitute a solid base of certainty on which found the own surgical choices. In some cases it's possible going away from the established rules to follow the(More)