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This paper tries to demonstrate a very new real-scale 3D system and sum up some firsthand and cutting edge results concerning multi-modal navigation and interaction interfaces. This work is part of the CALLISTO-SARI collaborative project. It aims at constructing an immersive room, developing a set of software tools and some navigation/interaction(More)
In the context of high-level nuclear waste repository safety calculations, the modeling of radionuclide migration is of first importance. Three dimensional radionuclide transport calculations in geological repository need to describe objects of the meter scale embedded in geologic layer formations of kilometer extension. A complete and refined spatial(More)
This paper sums up the experience and benefits for an industrial company like Bouygues Construction to be part of a virtual reality research project with several external partners including a museum, research laboratories and SMEs (small & medium-sized enterprises). The first part of the article will present the CALLISTO-SARI collaborative project: a(More)
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