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Autism is a multi-factorial pathology observed in children with altered levels of essential and elevated levels of toxic elements. There are also studies reporting a decrease in nutritional trace elements in the hair and nail of autistic children with healthy controls; moreover, bioelements have been shown to play an important role in the central nervous(More)
This study was aimed at producing protease and lipase simultaneously on a common medium by Bacillus licheniformis VSG1, which was isolated from a tannery effluent. The effect of media composition with respect to protein source, lipid source and emulsifier on the production of protease and lipase was analysed. Both those enzymes were produced under optimized(More)
Eleven cases of primary carcinoma of vagina were admitted in Kasturba Medical College Hospital during the last 10 years, of which 6 cases aged 44-72 years, were associated with 3rd degree uterine prolapse. All the patients attended the hospital in late stage in spite of having 3rd degree uterine prolapse. Blood stained discharge and ulceration on the(More)
The effect of aspirin on isoproterenol-induced changes related to myocardial damage was studied in rats. Rats were treated with aspirin (1.2 mg/100 g/day) orally, daily for a period of one month. Isoproterenol (20 mg/100 g, sc, twice at an interval of 24 hr) was administered. In isoproterenol treated rats marked increase in cholesterol, free fatty acids and(More)
Reactive oxygen species (ROS) and reactive nitrogen species (RNS) can function both as initiators and promoters in carcinogenesis. Antioxidants provide protection against cellular and molecular damage caused by ROS and RNS. We conducted a study to evaluate the levels of lipid peroxidation products, nitric oxide (NO) products and antioxidants in patients(More)
Our objective was to investigate the concomitant production of protease and lipase by a bacterial strain. A promising bacterial strain was isolated from a food-processing industrial effluent, which can produce both protease and lipase. The isolate was characterized by sequencing the 16S rRNA gene. The PCR amplified gene was subjected to analysis by BLAST to(More)
Chemoprevention is an effective approach to control hepatocarcinogenesis. Bacoside A, the active constituent of Bacopa monniera Linn., is anticipated to play a role in chemoprevention of liver cancer. In the present study, we investigated the chemopreventive effect of bacoside A against N-nitrosodiethylamine-induced hepatocarcinogenesis in an animal model.(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to evaluate the magnitude of oxidative stress and levels of nitric oxide in patients with oral cavity cancer by analyzing the levels of lipid peroxidation products, antioxidants and nitric oxide products. METHODS This prospective study was conducted on 15 patients with biopsy proven squamous cell cancer of the oral(More)
Effect of aspirin (1.2 mg/100 g body wt orally for 30 days) on myocardial infarction induced by isoproterenol (200 mg/kg body wt, subcutaneously for 2 days) has been studied in rats using activities of creatine kinase, aspartate amino transaminase, alanine amino transaminase and lactate dehydrogenase and levels of lipid peroxides as standard markers.(More)
The beneficial effect of alpha-tocopherol on doxorubicin-induced toxicity was studied in rats. alpha-Tocopherol (400 mg/kg/day) was administered orally, daily for a period of 2 months along with/without doxorubicin (2.5 mg/kg, i v weekly once for 8 weeks). Histology showed liver necrosis, heart myocyte degeneration, glomerular and tubular degeneration,(More)