A. Gayathri

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The adaptive filter algorithms can be used to find out the filter bank coefficients of standard wavelets. Here the algorithms like LMS, NLMS and RLS are used to find out the coefficients of dB2, dB3 and Coiflet1 wavelets. The LMS and NLMS algorithms are modified to form VSSLMS, NVSSLMS and time varying NLMS algorithms and their performances are also(More)
Android is an operating system which is available in smartphones and tablets. It uses touch gestures which correlate as activities to perform the operations to embed with the real world actions. Recent technologies adapts android as the primary element because of its salient features and open environment which could be customized in high technological(More)
The project is mainly developed for the industrial plants such as thermal plant, waste water treatment, refineries to get the necessary outcome the flow of liquids where regulated accordingly by the means of control valves in actuator. The flow of stream or liquid is controlled by motor operation like closing or opening the valve by the means of electrical(More)
The security susceptibilities of the three well acknowledged topology maintenance protocols PEAS, ASCENT, and CCP (TMPs) are analyzed for sensor networks. By sustaining the Subset of nodes in a dynamic or awake state, these three protocols upturn the lifespan of the sensor network. The strategy of these protocols instigates that the sensor nodes will be(More)
Speech enhancement is required to enhance the quality of speech corrupted by the background noise and can be used in many applications such as hearing aids, mobile communication etc. In this paper a speech enhancement method is presented in which first Autoregressive (AR) model is applied for the noisy speech signal to find the speech parameters and then(More)
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