A Gary-Bobo

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The hatchet flap, well known for the repair after skin resection of the nasal pyramid, is adapted, in a cutaneo-aponeurotic form, to the laterofacial region. The authors describe the principle of the technique which they illustrate by several clinical cases. Its simplicity, its harmonious adaptation and its reliability led them to consider that it has a(More)
Tuberous breast is a so-called mammary deformity which associates: deficient and contracted base, enlarged nipple-areolar complex, glandular herniation through the areola. The parenchyma is reduced, cylindrical, asymmetric, and frequently posted. Surgery reveals a basic glandular ring. The gland passes through this ring like a "glove's finger", revealing(More)
The "flying wing" procedure has been known for a long time. It is classically used in the treatment of moderately severe saddle nose. The author proposes the use of this technique for the aesthetic correction of certain flattened nasal tips. Technically, the original procedure is modified by: a transcartilaginous rather than marginal approach, partial(More)
In eyelid reconstruction, filling the defect is not sufficient. In young patients, the aim is to obtain a reconstructed eyelid, as normal as possible. In elderly patients, the large amount of available skin and the good quality of scars seem to be favorable. But weakening and stretching of the connective tissue and eyelid structures and deficient production(More)