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It would appear that pre-operative radiotherapy early in the treatment of oesophageal cancer has avoided in many cases (especially those in an advanced stage), the appearance of local recurrences, which cause death very rapidly during the first year in those patients having surgical treatment only. This treatment, however, which is only localized to the(More)
The current concept of high risk mastopathy was revolutionised by the work of Dupont and Page (1985), who demonstrated the importance of proliferative mastopathies in the assessment of the risk, particularly when they are associated with epidemiological factors. Based on these data, the Montpellier breast pathology study and research group (GERPAMM)(More)
Tuberous breast is a so-called mammary deformity which associates: deficient and contracted base, enlarged nipple-areolar complex, glandular herniation through the areola. The parenchyma is reduced, cylindrical, asymmetric, and frequently posted. Surgery reveals a basic glandular ring. The gland passes through this ring like a "glove's finger", revealing(More)