A. Garcı́a Pareja

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We undertook a systematic evaluation of the lipid, protein, calorie, and fatty acid composition in 35 species of fish, shellfish and molluscs commonly consumed throughout the four seasons of the year in Andalusia, Spain. Using a portion of muscle tissue the following were measured in each study unit: total lipids (extraction using Folch's method and(More)
Sol-Gel coatings are a good choice for protection and bioactivation of metals used as dentistry and standard surgical implant materials. These films should both prevent degradation of the substrates by wear or corrosion, and bioactivate the material for inducing the formation of a hydroxyapatite (HA) rich layer onto the material surface, thereby permitting(More)
Despite numerous studies, the importance which the tissue or the composition of the diet may have in the biological distribution of each fatty acid is not well known. To determine the importance of tissue origin and dietary fatty acids in the fatty acid composition of cell phospholipids, 54 male adult rats were fed isocaloric diets for one month varying(More)
Water-soluble fluorescent probes, including 1-pyrene butyric acid, rhodamine B, sodium salt 1,5diaminoanthraquinone-2,6-disulfonic acid, quinine hemisulfate and monosodium salt 8-amino1-naphthol-3,6-disulfonic acid were used to determine the critical micelle concentration (cmc) of inverted micelles formed by cholic acid in tetrahydrofuran. Another(More)
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