A García-Sanz

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Neurotransmitter release, as the primary way for neuron signaling, represents the target of a staggering number of studies in order to understand complex neural functions. The corpus striatum is a brain area especially rich in neurotransmitters where cholinergic neurons are supposed to play an associative role between different neuronal types, and therefore(More)
The effect of quinpirole and 7-OH-DAPT, two D(2)-like agonists, were examined using superfused rat striatal synaptosomes to study the autoregulation of spontaneous [(3)H]-dopamine ([(3)H]-DA) release. Basal [(3)H]-DA efflux was Ca(2+)-dependent by approximately 45% and was inhibited by cadmium 10 microM by 24%. Quinpirole (1 nM to 3 microM) inhibited(More)
1. The effect of two D3/2 dopamine receptor agonists, LY-171555 (quinpirole) and 7-hydroxy-N,N-di-n-propyl-2-aminotetralin (7-OH-DPAT) on spontaneous [3H]-acetylcholine ([3H]-ACh) release were investigated in rat striatal synaptosomes. 2. Quinpirole and 7-OH-DPAT inhibited in a concentration-dependent manner the basal efflux of [3H]-ACh with similar Emax(More)
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