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The following two important aspects of multilevel static memory management are treated: (1) memory loading, and (2) memory sizing. An algorithm is developed for the optimal loading of program and data files in various memory levels of given sizes. The selection of optimal sizes from a given set of finite alternatives is done through a cyclic queueing model,(More)
Software testing is a well-defined phase of the software development life cycle. Functional ("black box") testing and structural ("white box") testing are two methods of test case design commonly used by software developers. A lesser known testing method is risk-based testing, which takes into account the probability of failure of a portion of code as(More)
The description and characterization of the Italian speech database SIVA is given. After a brief review of the available corpora designed for speaker verification task, we introduce the " Speaker Identification and Verification Archives: SIVA " , a database that consists actually of more than two thousands calls, collected over the public switched telephone(More)
Starting with the appearance of the third generation computers the demand for memory storage devices has increased. This increased demand has been for both the main storage and auxiliary storage devices. The major reasons for this increase were the problems of larger data processing tasks and the introduction of multiprogramming and time-sharing.
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