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Hair cuticle is the first protection shield of hair against external aggressions such as daily combing or brushing that induce friction, mechanical stress leading to ageing process. The identification of alterations of the hair surface induced by shaking process of various hair fibres, such as virgin and chemically treated Chinese and Caucasian hair, sheds(More)
Examination of very long hair (length > 2.4 m) using a large range of evaluation methods including physical, chemical, biochemical and microscopic techniques has enabled to attain a detailed understanding of natural ageing of human hair keratin fibres. Scrutinizing hair that has undergone little or no oxidative aggression--because of the absence of action(More)
The objective of this work is to find relations between adherence and friction behaviors of elastomer networks. The chosen approach is based on the parallel study of the initial molecular weight (i.e., the degree of cross-linking) dependence of both adherence and friction. The polymers used are cross-linked polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) and the substrate is a(More)
BACKGROUND The deposit and adherence of particulate matter (PM) from aerial pollution onto the surface of human hair is a poorly studied phenomenon. OBJECTIVES (i) To reproduce in vitro the deposit of known PM on standardized hair swatches in a closed box, (ii) to compare in vitro data with those obtained under 'real-life' conditions of severe aerial(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the various factors contributing to what Caucasian women describe as 'fine hair'. METHODS Three complementary approaches were used, namely self-evaluation by the volunteer, assessment by a sensorial expert and instrumental measurements, in order to determine some of the possible parameters taken into account by Caucasian women when(More)
OBJECTIVES The study i) compared sense of touch between a naïve and an expert panels, under visual or blind conditions, using differently treated hair swatches, ii) explored possible common wordings used by both panels and their possible links with some physical properties of hairs. METHODS Two sets of 15 hair swatches of Caucasian and Chinese origins(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this paper is to present a new instrumental evaluation method of hair movement in order to propose new criteria in the performances of hair products. The in vitro evaluation of hair swatches movement allows us to better understand the phenomena that appear when various hair care and styling technologies are applied upon the mechanisms(More)
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