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A search for a suitable replacement for the central norbornyl scaffold presented in the recently disclosed novel FLAP inhibitors is herein described, as well as the SAR study performed on the endo and exo-aryl groups.
Pyrido[3,2-b]pyrazin-3(4H)-ones and pteridin-7(8H)-ones were evaluated as corticotropin-releasing factor-1 receptor antagonists. The synthesis, SAR studies and pharmacokinetic evaluation of these analogs are described herein.
This work presents the development of a noninvasive technique of investigating biological tissues, which is based on the method of resonant near field microwave tomography. Being new in medical practice, this method allows one to determine subsurface distributions of dielectric permittivity and conductivity of a medium by using the results of measuring the(More)
Sulfonamide analogues of the potent CB1R inverse agonist taranabant were prepared and optimized for potency and selectivity for CB1R. They were variably more potent than the corresponding amide analogues. The most potent representative 22 had good pharmacokinetic and brain levels, but was modestly active in blocking CB1R agonist-mediated hypothermia.
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