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  • A Galand
  • 1983
We describe a new method of implantation in the capsular bag. The initial anterior capsulotomy incision is limited to a linear opening from 10 o'clock to 2 o'clock. The nucleus is expressed and the cortical remnants are removed. An implant, specially designed for this technique, is introduced vertically between anterior and posterior capsules and then(More)
Puroose: Disturbances of the ordinary epithelial cell arrangement and the regular interdigitations betwee* epithelium and newly differentiated fiber cells in ray cataract mutants were investigated with special atten+ tion to membrane alterations. Embryonic,, Methods: fetal and early postnatal lens de+ velopment was studled light-and electron microscopiq(More)
Purpt~sc: To design :l rcproduciblc in vitro model to study central island (Cl) formation following PRK. To investignte technical parameters offccting tbc rate and chwxtcristics ofccntrrll islrmd alicr PICK. Methods: We wed PMMA contact lenses to nwdcl the convex quasi-spherical surface of the cornea. A total of 60 lenses were ablated using 3 different(More)
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