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The intercycle variability in gait of two temporal parameters (stride time and double-support time) and the step-to-step variability of two spatial parameters (step length and stride width) were assessed in 64 healthy adults, 32 aged 21 to 47 and 32 aged 66 to 84. For all parameters the median values of the coefficient of variation did not differ(More)
Three age- and symptom-matched groups of patients with a hypermobility score of 5-9, 3-4, and 0-2 (controls), respectively, were examined for clinical and echocardiographic evidence of mitral valve prolapse and other stigmata of a collagen disorder. Mitral valve prolapse, a reduced upper segment/lower segment mitral ratio, reduced skin thickness, spinal(More)
  • A Gabell
  • Health and social service journal
  • 1980
Management is about achieving objectives, and one of the main objects of the health service is to provide a high standard of care to patients. So when they are unnecessarily upset, inconvenienced or annoyed, it is reasonable to ask what is wrong with management, at ward level or above. Ann Gabell, a midwife with recent experience as a patient, poses(More)