A G Vrublevskiĭ

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In the early 1970's, some papers appeared reporting an immune response to opiates in animals treated with morphine and in heroin addicts, but further researches failed to confirm these results in humans. The aim of the present work is investigating with a newly developed enzyme immunoassay the existence of specific antibodies to morphine in a group of(More)
An in-depth neurological study covered 110 patients with opium addiction without any known history of head traumas, neuroinfections, other diseases of the central nervous system, and alcoholism. Neurological changes were observed in all cases. They developed in the first months of the use of narcotic agents, were more pronounced when home-made narcotic(More)
Neurologic and psychopathologic disturbances were studied in patients with DL-ephedrine addiction. The patients were also subjected to echoencephalography. The authors identified the period of acute narcotic intoxication, the abstinence syndrome and the period of chronic intoxication. The recommendations on the treatment of the above patients are presented.
It was shown that a state of dependent learning (SDL) developed in response to ethanol (1.2 g/kg) during experimental learning of rats in conditions of T-maze. Piracetam, lithium hydroxybutyrate, litonit and new oxypyridine derivative 3-OP given in combination with ethanol prevented the development of SDL and reduced an already formed SDL. The(More)
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