A. G. Voloboi

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362 On page 167, the list on lines 15–19 (right column): • many systems of various kinds share common software components (for example, simulation of one or other optical phenomenon); • frequent outputs of new versions; • restricted resources and time should move to lines 27–31 (left column).
Testing technologies for software systems of optical simulation and realistic computer graphics developed at the Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics, Russian Academy of Sciences, are described. The complexity of the products developed (which consist of about 500 software components) and the need to produce a large number of versions (from 50 to 70(More)
237 1 1. INTRODUCTION The research and development of methods of physs ically based simulation and rendering of optically complex materials is one of the traditional and rapidly developing branches of computer graphics. The physically based simulation of light propagaa tion in a virtual scene accounts for physical laws, describing the interaction between(More)
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