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We perform bifurcation analysis of plane wave solutions in a one-dimensional complex cubic-quintic Ginzburg–Landau equation with delayed feedback. Our study reveals how multistability and snaking behavior of plane waves emerge as time delay is introduced. For intermediate values of the delay, bifurcation diagrams are obtained by a combination of analytical(More)
We study the interaction of well-separated oscillating localized structures (oscillons). We show that oscillons emit weakly decaying dispersive waves, which lead to the formation of bound states due to harmonic synchronization. We also show that in optical applications the Andronov-Hopf bifurcation of stationary localized structures leads to a drastic(More)
Nonlinear polaritons in microcavity wires are demonstrated to exhibit multi-stable behavior and rich dynamics, including filamentation and soliton formation. We find that the multi-stability originates from co-existence of different transverse cavity modes. Modulational stability and conditions for multi-mode polariton solitons are studied. Soliton(More)
We discuss an approach to the analysis of nonlinear dynamics in multimode semiconductor lasers based on the use of delay differential equations (DDEs) for the electric field envelope and carrier density in nonlinear intracavity media. We consider DDE models of a mode-locked semiconductor laser generating short optical pulses and a multistripe laser array(More)
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