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Allele distribution at a highly polymorphic minisatellite adjacent to the c-Hras1 gene as well as deletions of microsatellite markers, D3S966, D3S1298, D9S171, and a microsatellite within p53 gene, were examined in bronchial epithelium specimens obtained from 53 chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patients and healthy donors. A higher frequency of(More)
Restriction fragment length polymorphism in the human c-Ha-ras-1 locus, associated with a minisatellite sequence, was examined in 45 multiple primary cancer (MPC) patients, 56 patients with squamous cell lung cancer (SCLC), 21 patients with lung adenocarcinoma (LAC), and 53 individuals having no oncopathology. Southern analysis of cellular DNA revealed the(More)
The restriction analysis of BALB/c and AKR mice genome DNA was used to show the translocation and amplification of gene which is expressed with the Rauscher erythroleukemia as the 35S nuclear RNA. The homology of this RNA to 10 defined oncogenes was studied. It was found that the cDNA 35S RNA is efficiently hybridized only with v-sis oncogene. The clones(More)
The structure of the integration site of plasmid with LTR of Rous sarcoma virus (pLTR1,5) in the genome of nude mice tumors, induced as a result of N1H3T3 cells' implantation, cotransfected by pLTR1,5 with the DNA of malignant human glioma cells, carrying amplified c-Ha-ras genome, has been studied. The restriction map of the investigated region of the cell(More)