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We present a comparison of elastic matching schemes for writer dependent on-line handwriting recognition of isolated Tamil characters. Three different features are considered namely, preprocessed x-y coordinates , quantized slope values, and dominant point coordinates. Seven schemes based on these three features and dynamic time warping distance measure are(More)
This paper presents a novel coding scheme for electrocardiogram (ECG). Following beat delineation, the periods of the beats are normalized by multirate processing. After amplitude normalization, discrete wavelet transform is applied to each beat. Due to the period and amplitude normalization, the wavelet transform coefficients bear a high correlation across(More)
handwriting recognition, indic scripts, Devanagari In this paper, we describe a system for the automatic recognition of isolated handwritten Devanagari characters obtained by linearizing consonant conjuncts. Owing to the large number of characters and resulting demands on data acquisition, we use structural recognition techniques to reduce some characters(More)
Identification of the script of the text in multi-script documents is one of the important steps in the design of an OCR system for the analysis and recognition of the page. Much work has already been reported in this area relating to Roman, Arabic, Chinese, Korean and Japanese scripts. In the Indian context, though some results have been reported, the task(More)
Epoch is defined as the instant of significant excitation within a pitch period of voiced speech. Epoch extraction continues to attract the interest of researchers because of its significance in speech analysis. Existing high performance epoch extraction algorithms require either dynamic programming techniques or a priori information of the average pitch(More)
In document images, we often find printed lines over-lapping with hand written elements especially in case of signatures. Typical examples of such images are bank cheques and payment slips. Although the detection and removal of the horizontal lines has been addressed, the restoration of the handwritten area after removal of lines, persists to be a problem(More)
The paper describes a modular, unit selection based TTS framework, which can be used as a research bed for developing TTS in any new language, as well as studying the effect of changing any parameter during synthesis. Using this framework, TTS has been developed for Tamil. Synthesis database consists of 1027 phonetically rich pre-recorded sentences. This(More)
We pmpose a heuristic approach for detection of eyes in close-up images. The experimental images are stereo-rypiral mug shot faces which can be expected in applications offace recognition systems, say in ATM vestibules. We pmve the efficacy of our proposed melhod in delection of eyes, both in indoor and outdoor envimnments wilh considerable scale variations(More)
A competition was organized by the authors to detect text from scene images. The motivation was to look for script-independent algorithms that detect the text and extract it from the scene images, which may be applied directly to an unknown script. The competition had four distinct tasks: (i) text localization and (ii) segmentation from scene images(More)