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Ethnicity and Occupational Structure in Canada in 1871: The Vertical Mosaic in Historical Perspective
The relationship between ethnicity and occupational structure has been a preoccupation f North American sociology and social history. • According to most interpretations differences in theExpand
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Unsurmountable antagonism to 5-hydroxytryptamine in rat kidney results from pseudoirreversible inhibition rather than multiple receptors or allosteric receptor modulation.
Experiments were conducted in the isolated perfused rat kidney to determine the mechanism of unsurmountable antagonism by metergoline toward the vasoconstrictor response to 5-hydroxytryptamineExpand
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Partial agonistic activity of GR43175 at the inhibitory prejunctional 5-HT1-like receptor in rat kidney.
1. The pharmacological effect of the selective 5-HT receptor agonist GR43175 has been studied in the isolated perfused rat kidney with particular reference to the inhibitory prejunctional 5-HT1-likeExpand
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An analysis of unsurmountable antagonism to 5-hydroxytryptamine in the isolated perfused rat kidney: evidence for pseudoirreversible inhibition
Many 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT) antagonists give rise to unsurmountable antagonism. Unlike competitive antagonism, unsurmountable antagonism is not limited to a single mechanism, and therefore itsExpand
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Detection of cancer by means of infrared spectroscopy
We have measured the mid-infrared spectra of several tissues in a malignant and normal state, using the ATR sampling method. The aim of the experiments was to detect cancer signatures that wereExpand
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