A. G. O'Neill

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OBJECTIVES To improve the integration of MRI with radiotherapy treatment planning, our department fabricated a flat couch top for our MR scanner. Setting up using this couch top meant that the patients were physically higher up in the scanner and, posteriorly, a gap was introduced between the patient and radiofrequency coil. METHODS Phantom measurements(More)
Effective negative capacitance has been postulated in ferroelectrics because there is a hysteresis in plots of polarization-electric field. Compelling experimental evidence of effective negative capacitance is presented here at room temperature in engineered devices, where it is stabilized by the presence of a paraelectric material. In future integrated(More)
This work reports the results of a mechanical sensor to monitor stress in 100 nm critical dimension Cu interconnects. Existing methodology developed for larger scale Al sensors is discussed and evaluated for Cu/SiO<inf>2</inf> and Cu/Low-k integration schemes. New sensor release methods are then developed and the Cu sensor is demonstrated in single and dual(More)
A top-down silicon nanowire fabrication using a combination of optical lithography and orientation dependent etching (ODE) has been developed using &lt;;100&gt; Silicon-on Insulator (SOI) as the starting substrate. The use of ODE etchant such as potassium hydroxide (KOH) and Tetra-Methyl Ammonium Hydroxide (TMAH) is known to create geometrical structures(More)
The reliable and controllable fabrication of silicon nanowires is achieved, using mature CMOS technology processes. This will enable a low-cost route to integrating novel nanostructures with CMOS logic. The challenge of process repeatability has been overcome by careful study of material properties for processes such as etching and oxidation. By controlling(More)
A SiGe HMOSFET can be engineered to provide enhanced linearity in its output current-voltage characteristics. The additional linearity can be exploited in the design of more linear analogue circuits like the differential pair presented here. From the TCAD data of such a structure, the BSIM3v3 model of the transistor was extracted and simulation results were(More)
We introduce a new approach to creating low-resistance metal-semiconductor ohmic contacts, illustrated using high conductivity Au island metal films (IMFs) on Ge, with hot carrier injection initiated at low applied voltage. The same metallization process simultaneously allows ohmic contact to n-Ge and p-Ge, because hot carriers circumvent the Schottky(More)
Reliability measurements have been carried out on n-channel delta- doped MOSFETs incorporating an anodic gate oxide. The threshold voltage shifts induced in these devices when stressed for up to 10<sup>5</sup> seconds is compared with that observed for control devices fabricated on plain wafers. The delta-doped devices show a reduced threshold voltage shift(More)