A. G. Musa

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Clinical signs of severe bronchopneumonia, including anorexia, coughing, nasal discharge, dyspnoea, diarrhoea, distension of the neck, lethargy, recumbency, lameness preceding collapse, and death were observed among a herd of Holstein-Friesian dairy cattle. The outbreak occurred over a 30-day period, and attack and case-fatality rates were 0.4% and 50%,(More)
This paper presents a survey of congestion control approaches in high speed wired network by taking into account directions of source based congestion control research. Various survey papers reported in the literature, regarding source congestion control techniques, has been surveyed. The techniques deployed in source base congestion control are studied and(More)
Biennially, trainees and graduates of Field Epidemiology and Laboratory Training Programs (FELTPs) are presented with a platform to share investigations and projects undertaken during their two-year training in Applied Epidemiology. The African Field Epidemiology Network (AFENET) Scientific Conference, is a perfect opportunity for public health(More)
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