A. G. M. Theeuwes

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The clinical and urodynamic effects of anterior vaginal repair and Burch colposuspension for correction of stress urinary incontinence were assessed in a prospective study. Ninety women undergoing surgery for the first time because of genuine stress incontinence were studied. A full clinical examination including simultaneous urethrocystometry according to(More)
Radiological and ultrasonographic imaging enables the objective determination of bladder neck position and movement in stress urinary incontinence. Postoperative results were evaluated in 60 patients after Burch colposuspension (29) or bladder neck suspension according to the Gittes (18) or Stamey (13) method. No differences in continence rates were noted 3(More)
Signal-to-noise-ratio (SNR) images were constructed by a sliding window technique. Theoretical derivations of the first order statistical properties of SNR images are given for the case of intensity coding of the original images for low number densities and for the limit case of fully developed speckle. The original images were obtained by realistic(More)
The biochemical markers alkaline phosphatase (Alk P), prostatic acid phosphatase (PAP) and prostate-specific antigen (PSA) were measured 3-monthly in 61 patients with disseminated prostatic cancer who were treated with LHRH analogues. The decrease in Alk P and PSA during the first 6 months of treatment was significantly related to a better survival. In this(More)
Clinical protocols have been designed to combine platinum-based drugs and radiation in the treatment of cancer. The rationale for this approach has been developed from preclinical studies demonstrating that platinum compounds can potentiate the cytotoxic effects of radiation toward cells. In the present study multicellular spheroids derived from squamous(More)
Seventy-nine children (35 female, 44 male) with proven or presumed astrocytoma were treated from 1967 to 1987. The tumors were supratentorial located in 24 children, cerebellar in 21 children, and pontine in 34 children. If possible, a radical tumor resection (4%), a subtotal tumor resection (51%), or a biopsy (8%) was performed. The predominant(More)
AIMS To determine the efficacy and safety of pardoprunox in levodopa-treated patients with Parkinson's disease (PD) experiencing motor fluctuations. METHODS Patients were randomized to pardoprunox (up to 42 mg/day, n = 150) or placebo (n = 144). Pardoprunox was titrated to an optimal dose over 7 weeks, followed by a 12-week stable dose period. The primary(More)
Five human tumor cell lines were grown as multicellular tumor spheroids (MTS) to determine whether multicellular tumor spheroids derived from different types of tumors would show tumor-type dependent differences in response to single-dose irradiation, and whether these differences paralleled clinical behavior. Multicellular tumor spheroids of two(More)
Multicellular tumor spheroids (MTS) provide a suitable in vitro model to study radiation sensitivity of tumor cells. Two cell lines of human origin, obtained from a neuroblastoma (NB-100) and a squamous cell carcinoma (HN-1), were exposed to graded doses (4-9 Gy) of radiation with 18 MV photons. Radiation was applied either as a single or as a split dose(More)
Peritoneal handling of glucose and metabolites is reported to be higher in young children treated with CAPD than in older children. Reference curves for the standardized peritoneal equilibration test (PET) are not available for younger ages. The present study describes the results of the PET in 19 children (mean age 5.0 years, ranging from 0.3-15) during(More)