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Intraoperative ultrasonography has not been used previously to locate an insulinoma that was not surgically palpable or that could not be seen by selective arteriography. In this report we described a patient with an insulinoma localized to the pancreatic head identified by transhepatic portal venous sampling but not by selective arteriography or palpation.(More)
Between August 1975 and January 1981, 106 patients thought to have persistent or recurrent hyperparathyroidism underwent a total of 108 parathyroid re-explorations at the National Institutes of Health. These 106 patients had a total of 175 previous operations for hyperparathyroidism (156 cervical and 19 mediastinal). Nephrolithiasis (54% of patients) and(More)
Enlarged parathyroid glands were percutaneously aspirated under computed tomographic (CT) control in 7 patients, and levels of parathyroid hormone (PTH) and human thyroglobulin (HTg) were measured. All 7 patients had high levels of PTH in at least 1 specimen. It is concluded that the measurement of high concentrations of PTH in the aspirate from a cervical(More)
  • A G Krudy
  • AJR. American journal of roentgenology
  • 1992
A new method for generating myelogramlike images of the thecal sac by MR imaging is presented. The method is based on suppressing background signal by using heavily T2-weighted fast spin-echo pulse sequences and obliterating fat signal by presaturation. The resulting slices are then projected into a composite image using a standard maximum intensity(More)
A case of postbiopsy hemobilia is presented in which computed tomographic (CT) scanning showed blood within the gallbladder appearing as high-density material measuring 67-91 HU. Residual clots were seen by CT and ultrasound 8 days after the acute episode. These findings were confirmed by serial CT scans in two monkeys in whom blood was experimentally(More)
There are two distinct problems in patients with Zollinger-Ellison Syndrome (ZES): peptic ulcer diathesis and malignant tumors. Antisecretory drugs have allowed us to control the ulcer symptoms and acid output in 45 patients with ZES. We report here the initial seven patients selected for surgical exploration with the goal of removing their gastrinomas.(More)
Primary hyperparathyroidism is generally treated by primary neck exploration. Particularly in patients with hyperparathyroidism caused by adenoma, cervical exploration is generally curative, and extensive preoperative localization studies are unnecessary. If, after thorough primary cervical exploration, no adenoma is identified or at least four parathyroid(More)
One hundred abdominal and chest CT scans in 29 patients with American Burkitt lymphoma were reviewed. Abdominal and/or pelvic masses were the most common finding and were detected in 13 (45%) patients. Masses indicating relapse were noted in three (10%) additional patients. Ascites and retroperitoneal involvement were noted in seven and five patients,(More)
The thyroidea ima artery is an anomalous vessel supplying the thyroid gland; it can also supply enlarged parathyroid glands, as illustrated in three cases in this report. In one case the ima artery was the only arterial supply, and in two instances it was part of a dual arterial supply. An ima artery should be sought if routine arteriography is negative,(More)