A G Konopliannikov

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The study undertaken 3 years ago examined the effect of systemic transplantation of autologous mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) in the complex therapy of 27 patients with pulmonary tuberculosis, including 15 patients with multidrug-resistant pulmonary tuberculosis and 12 with extensive drug resistance of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. All the patients were(More)
The first results of allogeneic mesenchymal stem cells from the bone marrow transplantation to patients with ulcerative colitis demonstrated improved clinical course. We found an increasing in the duration of remission in patients with chronic recurrent and continuous recurrent course of ulcerative colitis. Also it was noted reducing the risk of relapse,(More)
AIM to determine the whether mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) may be used in the treatment of patients with chrOnic intestinal inflammatory diseases (IID). SUBJECTS AND METHODS Thirty-nine patients with ulcerative colitis (UC) (Group 1) and 11 with Crohn's disease (CD) (Group 2) were examined. Comparative groups included 30 patients with UC (Group 2) and 10(More)
UNLABELLED The aim of the study was to determine the efficacy and safety of mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs) of bone marrow in the treatment of patients with ulcerative colitis (UC). MATERIALS AND METHODS The study included 44 patients with ulcerative colitis (UC), which was implemented MSC transplantation, 40 patients with UC who received standard(More)
Using stem cells as an example the review considers a new history and methodology of search for stem cells (SC), found in tissues of adult Homo sapiens and Drosophila melanogaster organisms. These studies of SC resulted in several original hypotheses explaining their unusual features. Impressive progress recently achieved in this direction (2008-2010) is(More)
Systemic transplantation of mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) is known to promote reparative process in a number of tissue damage as well as mucous healing one. It provided the basis for our study which was aimed to the effect of systemic transplantation of allogenic MSC (intravenous transfusion) in complex therapy of patients with Ulcerative Colitis.
The method of "macro-" and "microcolonies" was used to study the radiosensitivity of CFU-S that form "early" (8 days) and "late" (12 days) splenic colonies after transplantation of syngeneic bone marrow to fatally exposed mice: no significant differences were found. Median lethal doses (D0) for CFU-S-8 and CFU-S-12 were 1.03 and 1.13 Gy for "microtest" and(More)
The ability of cell precursors of the haemopoietic stroma (CFU-F), that are present in the bone marrow of adult rats, to recover from potentially lethal and sublethal radiation damages has been investigated. The highest reparability, with respect to potentially lethal damages, is displayed by the most radioresistant CFU-F population, that forms loose(More)