A G Kononov

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On 36,536 abdominal operations, in 36 patients (0.1%) there was necessary to perform a relaparotomy due to intraabdominal hemorrhage, of whom in 28 patients this complication arised after emergency surgical interventions, while in 8 cases after elective surgery. The cause of bleeding in 26 patients were technical mistakes during the first intervention, in(More)
In 40 patients with diffuse peritonitis of various origin the author has studied the migration activity of leucocytes in flat five-canal capillaries. There was found a distinct dependence between the level of intoxication and indices of leucocytes migration activity, namely the higher the level of intoxication and the less favourable is the course of(More)
Proceeding from the analysis of the organization of reception of patients in 4 city polyclinics having 104 therapeutic sectors, the study demonstrated decrease of the amount and breach of continuity of medical care rendered to the residents of the sectors where doctors were absent during the reception. It was proposed to appraise and monitor the work of(More)