A. G. Kochetkov

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The experimental-theoretical studies were performed to investigate the structure of substantia spongiosa of the scaphoid bone of the wrist. Morphological prerequisites for the typical fractures of scaphoid bone and for their delayed consolidation, as well as for the false joint development in some of its zones were found. The peculiarities in the structure(More)
Distribution and activities of succinate dehydrogenase and acid phosphatase in motor cortex layers I, II, III and VI were studied in 57 outbred male dogs after single maximum loads and blood ozonation. Index of physical challenge, running velocity of the animal were shown to be potent factors, determining oxidation and hydrolysis levels. Dynamics of indexes(More)
To investigate the adaptive morphological changes of cellular elements of the spinal cord following the dosed application of physical loads (running in treadmill for 7-35 min), the motor neurons and interneurons of i.v. lumbar spinal cord segment were studied in 38 mongrel male dogs. It was shown that single integrating physical loads contributed to(More)
To study the mechanisms of heart adaptation to repeated physical loads, its reaction was investigated using morphometric, histochemical and functional (echocardiography, rheography, heart rate monitoring) methods. The results were assessed using correlation analysis and the conclusions on the systemic organisation of heart in the course of adaptation are(More)
The reactions of the dog sinoatrial node artery under hyper- and hypokinesia were revealed by the serial semi-thin section morphometric analysis. Single maximal physical load may be a cause of the significant changes in the main source of blood supply of the dogs heart sinoauricular region. During 4 weeks hypokinezia structural and functional reserves of(More)
Desintegration of the cardio-respiratory apparatus activity was modelled in 8 dogs using an individually dosed loading (running in the treadmill) up to V stage according to the original technique (control--10 dogs). By means of morphometric, histological, histochemical and electron microscopic analysis, morpho-functional equivalents of the reaction of the(More)
Motor and intermediate neurons in the fourth lumbar segment of the spinal cord were studied in 38 mongrel male dogs with the aim of detecting adaptive morphological changes in spinal cord elements after exposure to dosed physical loads (running on the treadmill for periods of 7–35 min). These experiments showed that single integrative physical loads(More)
Complex morphological study of the heart was carried out experimentally in 48 adult outbred dogs exposed to dosed hypokinezia. 5 periods of the organism adaptation to hypokinezia were distinguished, within which significant correlations between different organometric parameters were demonstrated. Individual variations of adaptive reactions of the heart(More)