A G Kippenberger

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The distribution of the P2X2 receptor subunit of the adenosine 5'-triphosphate (ATP)-gated ion channels was examined in the adult rat central nervous system (CNS) by using P2X2 receptor-specific antisera and riboprobe-based in situ hybridisation. P2X2 receptor mRNA expression matched the P2X2 receptor protein localisation. An extensive expression pattern(More)
The noradrenaline transporter (NAT) is present in noradrenergic neurons and a few other specialized cells such as adrenal medullary chromaffin cells and the rat pheochromocytoma (PC12) cell line. We have raised antibodies to a 49-residue segment (NATM2) of the extracellular region (residues 184-232) of bovine NAT. Affinity-purified NATM2 antibodies(More)
We have characterized a cDNA clone which encodes a variant (bNAT2) of the bovine noradrenaline transporter. This cDNA differs from the previously identified bovine noradrenaline transporter (bNAT1) in the sequence encoding part of the cytoplasmic-facing C-terminus and the 3'-untranslated region. The bNAT1 and bNAT2 cDNA clones are encoded by a 5.8 and 3.6(More)
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