A. G. J. M. Van Leeuwen

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We present a study of single pulses from nine bright northern pulsars to investigate the behaviour of circular polarisation, V . The observations were conducted with the Effelsberg 100-m radio telescope at 1.41 GHz and 4.85 GHz and the Westerbork radio telescope at 352 MHz. For the first time, we present the average profile of the absolute circular(More)
Polarization-angle density displays are given for pulsars B0809+74 and B2303+30, which exhibit no evidence of the systematic polarization-angle rotation within individual subpulses previously reported for these two stars. The “drifting” subpulses of both pulsars exhibit strikingly linear and circular polarization which appears to reflect the characteristics(More)
The LOw Frequency ARray, LOFAR, will have the sensitivity, bandwidth, frequency range and processing power to revolutionise low-frequency pulsar studies. We present results of simulations that indicate that a LOFAR survey will find approximately 1500 new pulsars. These new pulsars will give us a much better understanding of the low end of the luminosity(More)
The feasibility of laser lithotripsy of salivary stones was investigated. Two types of laser systems were evaluated: a 504 nm flashlamp pumped dye laser and a Ho-YSGG laser. With the dye laser, plasma flashes and acoustic phenomena could be observed. The number of laser shots per unit mass necessary to fragment the stone decreased in proportion to the(More)
We have used the 76-m Lovell, 94-m equivalent WSRT and 100-m Effelsberg radio telescopes to investigate the simultaneous single-pulse properties of the radio emitting magnetar AXP XTE J1810−197 at frequencies of 1.4, 4.8 and 8.35 GHz during May and July 2006. We study the magnetar’s pulse-energy distributions which are found to be very peculiar as they are(More)
We report on an analysis of the drifting subpulses of PSR B0320+39 that indicates a sudden step of ∼ 180 degrees in subpulse phase near the centre of the pulse profile. The phase step, in combination with the attenuation of the periodic subpulse modulation at pulse longitudes near the step, suggests that the patterns arise from the addition of two(More)
Both nulling and subpulse drifting are poorly understood phenomena. We probe their mechanisms by investigating how they interact in PSR B0809+74. We find that the subpulse drift is not aliased but directly reflects the actual motion of the subbeams. The carousel-rotation time must then be over 200 s, which is much longer than theoretically predicted. The(More)
Contact info: Harm Wisselink Han Huetink Martien van Dijk Andre van Leeuwen h.h.wisselink@wb.utwente.nl j.huetink@wb.utwente.nl ID_eldim@eldim.nl ID_eldim@eldim.nl Introduction ELDIM manufactures among others stator vanes for the compressor of an aero engine (figure 1). These vanes are produced by a cold rolling process. The development of a rolling process(More)
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