A. G. Henri Lejeune

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The computational protein design protocol Rosetta has been applied successfully to a wide variety of protein engineering problems. Here the aim was to test its ability to design de novo a protein adopting the TIM-barrel fold, whose formation requires about twice as many residues as in the largest proteins successfully designed de novo to date. The designed(More)
Immunoglobulin heavy chain-binding protein (BiP) is a member of the hsp70 family of chaperones and one of the most abundant proteins in the ER lumen. It is known to interact transiently with many nascent proteins as they enter the ER and more stably with protein subunits produced in stoichiometric excess or with mutant proteins. However, there also exists a(More)
The investment in small hydropower plants requires the analysis of hydrological, technical, operational, budgetary, economical and financial aspects. The analysis of each possible configuration demands the joint action of several technicians, consuming substantial time and money. During initial design of the project, simplified procedures are usually(More)
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