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Model systems based on two or more related species with different types of development are finding increasing use in current comparative embryology. Green algae of the genus Volvox offer an interesting opportunity to study sex pheromones, morphogenesis as well as the formation of a somatic cell line undergoing terminal differentiation, senescence, and death(More)
In axolotl embryos, during the course of development, the generation time increases, chiefly on account of a lengthening of the phase of DNA synthesis, the longest in the cell cycle. At the stages of the middle blastula and early gastrula, the G1 phase is shorter than in the G2 phase, while at the neurula stage, the G1 phase is far longer than the G2 phase.(More)
First of all, the preface, written by N. Bjorklund, a colleague of R. Gordon at the University of Manitoba (Winnipeg, Canada) and co-author of some of his papers, is quite unusual. It was initially planned that the preface to this book, work on which lasted for about 10 years, would be written by the well-known Dutch embryologist, P. Nieuwkoop (1917–1966),(More)
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