A G Darbinian

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Effects of acute and chronic arterial hypertension on self-stimulation operant behaviour were studied in cats and rats. Small doses of noradrenaline facilitated the self-stimulation, whereas high doses depressed or stopped it. The depressive effect was accompanied by an obvious increase in the blood pressure. Chronic neurogenic hypertension can be induced(More)
The comparative effectiveness of the inhibitory influence of tetanic stimulation of hypothalamus, amygdala and limbic cortex on EMG-response of m. digastricus evoked by electrical stimulation of tooth pulp nociceptive afferents was studied in cats anesthetized with a mixture of chloralose and nembutal. It was found that inhibition of the EMG-component of(More)
Effect of high-frequency stimulation of medial and lateral areas of the posterior, tuberal and anterior hypothalamus as well as of the periaqueductal gray (PAG) on jaw-opening reflex elicited with tooth-pulp stimulation, was studied in anesthetized cats. The m. digastricus EMG response was suppressed with stimulation of all hypothalamic structures. The(More)
Effects of bilateral electric lesion of the hypothalamic paraventricular nuclei on cardiovascular components of the defense response and on the self-stimulation operant behaviour, were studied in rats. Overloading of the highest nervous activity induced no hypertension in these animals, though the self-stimulation frequency increased.
Responses of single units from lateral and medial areas of the posterior, tuberal and anterior hypothalamus to electrical stimulation of dental pulp and sciatic nerve A beta afferents were recorded in anesthetized curarized cats. 80.7%, 81.5% and 71.4% of units, respectively, responded to stimulation in posterior tuberal and anterior hypothalamus. The(More)
The part of noradrenergic mechanisms in self-stimulation (SS) operant behaviour was studied in rats. In all experiments systolic blood pressure (BP) in the tail artery was measured by means of photocells. It was found, that small doses of noradrenaline facilitate the SS, while high doses depress or stop it. The depressive effect is accompanied by a marked(More)
Neuronal organisation of hypothalamo-bulbar mechanisms of regulation of vascular tonus was studied in anesthetised and immobilised cats. The descending influence of posterior, tuberal and anterior structures of the hypothalamus on the activity of antidromically identified sympatho-activating reticulospinal neurons of the ventrolateral region of medulla(More)
Effects of high frequency stimulation of the amygdala central nucleus involved a selective decrease in the activity: an increase in the activity of the inferior cardiac nerve and a simultaneous decrease in the activity of the vertebral nerve, as well as an obvious BP increase. Bilateral electrolytic lesions of the same amygdala structure accompanied with an(More)
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