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In anaesthetic practice it is occasionally necessary to make a rapid and accurate measurement of the pH of the gastric contents. A simple and convenient method is to use paper impregnated with a suitable indicator, the change in colour being read against a comparison chart provided with the paper. The purpose of this study was to compare the accuracy of(More)
Five different brands of pH indicator paper were used by 20 anaesthetists to test four buffer solutions. There were significantly fewer correct answers with two papers than with the other three. The worst paper in the study (Whatman full range) gave only 20% correct answers, compared with 92.5% from the best (Merck).
The position adopted during sleep by 52 pregnant women and 31 age-matched nonpregnant control subjects was studied. The pregnant group were all beyond the 30th week of gestation. In the pregnant group, 40 (77%) adopted a left tilt, 11 (21%) a right tilt and one (2%) was supine. In the control group, eight (26%) adopted a left tilt, 10 (32%) a right tilt, 12(More)
The findings of a comparative study of cost awareness amongst particular groups of health service staff are reported. The study is a repeat of that undertaken in 1987 by Fairbrass and Chaffe. The findings are compared to assess how awareness of the cost of anaesthetic drugs, fluids and disposables has changed as a result of the publicity since 1987. Without(More)
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