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A 9-year-old female spayed English Springer Spaniel was evaluated for a cranial mediastinal mass and lymphocytosis. Flow cytometric immunophenotyping of peripheral blood lymphocytes revealed 97% as CD3 positive, confirming a T-cell lineage. Additionally, T-cell subset assessment showed 53.2% to be double-negative T-lymphocytes, expressing neither CD4 nor(More)
Rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus) are a popular companion animal, food animal, and animal model of human disease. Abnormal red cell shapes (poikilocytes) have been observed in rabbits, but their significance is unknown. The objective of this study was to investigate the prevalence and type of poikilocytosis in pet rabbits and its association with physiologic(More)
BACKGROUND A degenerative left shift (DLS) in dogs is reported to be a poor prognostic indicator, but no studies have been reported to verify this claim. HYPOTHESIS/OBJECTIVES To characterize the canine population affected by DLS and to determine if the presence and severity of the DLS are associated with increased risk of euthanasia or death. ANIMALS(More)
BACKGROUND Volume reduction and RBC depletion of equine bone marrow specimens are necessary processing steps for the immediate therapeutic use of bone marrow (BM)-derived mesenchymal stem cells (MSC), and for MSC expansion in culture. OBJECTIVES The purpose of the study was to evaluate the ability of the PrepaCyte-CB processing system to reduce volume,(More)
OBJECTIVE To characterize clinical and pathological features of implant-associated neoplasms in dogs. DESIGN Retrospective case-control study. ANIMALS 16 dogs with implant-associated neoplasia and 32 control dogs with osteosarcoma without implants. Procedures: Medical records of dogs with tumors associated with metallic implants (cases) treated between(More)
A 28-year-old female Congo African grey parrot ( Psittacus erithacus erithacus) was evaluated because of a mass in the left external auditory meatus. Results of a computed tomography scan revealed an osteolytic left hemimandibular mass with irregular bone production and a soft tissue mass in the left external auditory meatus. Results of cytologic(More)
BACKGROUND Limited data exist describing risk factors for death, and long-term outcomes in dogs with esophageal foreign body (EFB) obstruction. HYPOTHESIS/OBJECTIVES To evaluate short- and long-term outcomes, and analyze risk factors for death in dogs with EFB obstruction. We hypothesized duration of entrapment and treatment type would affect outcome. (More)
A 1.5-year-old, intact female khaki Campbell duck (Anas platyrhynchos domesticus) was evaluated for lethargy and a swollen left eye (OS). Mucoid discharge, chemosis, and conjunctival hyperemia with trace aqueous flare, indicating anterior uveitis, in the anterior chamber were evident on ophthalmic examination. There was no fluorescein stain uptake by the(More)
We describe the surgical and post-operative management of a large, invasive, and metastatic functional Sertoli cell tumor in a 9-year-old cryptorchid male Labrador retriever dog. Despite residual disease after surgery, bone marrow recovery occurred without administration of bone marrow stimulants and serum estradiol accurately predicted tumor recurrence.
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