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We assessed the impacts of anthropogenic threats on 93 protected areas in 22 tropical countries to test the hypothesis that parks are an effective means to protect tropical biodiversity. We found that the majority of parks are successful at stopping land clearing, and to a lesser degree effective at mitigating logging, hunting, fire, and grazing. Park(More)
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  • A C Alcala, Gomez, Antenne Museum, French Polynesia Alino, P M Arceo, Uychiaoco +17 others
  • 2005
References Alcala, A.C. (2000). Blast fi shing in the Philippines, with notes on two destructive fi shing activities. Workshop on the Status of Philippine Reefs 24, January. Challenges and opportunities for community participation for the management of marine protected areas (MPAs) in the Philippines. (2000). Marine market transformation of the live reef fi(More)
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