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Immunochemical faecal occult blood tests have shown a greater sensitivity than guaiac test in colorectal cancer screening, but optimal number of samples and cutoff have still to be defined. The aim of this multicentric study was to evaluate the performance of immunochemical-based screening strategies according to different positivity thresholds (80, 100,(More)
We assessed the correlation between quantitative results of immunological faecal occult blood testing (I-FOBT) and colonic lesions (191 colorectal cancers, 890 adenomas) detected at colonoscopy in 2597 FOBT+ (cutoff 100 ng ml(-1) Hb) subjects. At univariate analysis, a higher average faecal Hb content was significantly associated with male gender (P=0.003),(More)
We evaluated the sensitivity for colorectal cancer (CRC) of the latex agglutination test (LAT), an immunochemical test routinely used in the Florence District screening programme since 2000. Sensitivity was calculated by the proportional interval cancer incidence method in a population of 27,503 consecutive subjects screened in 2000-2002, interval cancers(More)
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