A. G. Bell

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H um pt y D um pt y sa t on a w al l, H um pt y D um pt y ha d a gr ea t fa ll. 1 4 Learning Disabilities and Hearing Loss: Where Does One End and the Other Begin? Read about learning disabilities in children who are deaf and hard of hearing and becoming aware of " red flags " that may indicate a learning difficulty. 1 8 Reading Aloud: Benefits Beyond(More)
In this thesis, we discuss the idea of multigravity, namely the possibility that a significant component of gravity that we feel at intermediate distances (1mm < r < 10 26 cm) is due to massive but ultralight gravitons. We demonstrate how this phenomenon can be realized in brane-world models in a spacetime with more than four dimensions and discuss how(More)
This study compared self-ratings of speech intelligibility with measured speech intelligibility for 200 college students who were deaf or hard of hearing. Student respohses to questions on a self-perception speech questionnaire were analyzed and compared with measured speech intelligibility estimates derived by a transcription procedure. The study found(More)
To stimulate research proposals, the report stresses the need for a comprehensive research and development program regarding sensory aids for the visually handicapped and describes 17 representative projects viewed as warranting immediate attention. The 17 projects are categorized in two different ways. In a brief summary section, projects are classified(More)