A. G. Abdul Azim

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Many software companies are interested in using Agile methods in their software projects. Contrary to traditional software development methods, Agile methods are people oriented. This fact shows the significant role of individuals in these methods. Increasing prevalence of Agile methods forces software companies to consider people related factors as(More)
Field surveys were conducted in twenty-five Pakistani villages exclusively for this paper. By integrating field observations, economic theory, and econometric analysis, this paper investigates the sequential nature of educational decisions. The full-information maximum likelihood (FIML) estimation of the sequential schooling decision model uncovers(More)
It is widely accepted that sizing or predicting the volumes of various kinds of software deliverable items is one of the first and most dominant aspects of software cost estimating. Most of the cost estimation model or techniques usually assume that software size or structural complexity is the integral factor that influences software development effort.(More)
Computer logs files contain the crucial information that is stored and can be an important forensics evidence of attacks and actions of a system. Cyber forensics can be one of the important solutions to systematically gather, process, interpret and utilize digital evidence and log of the activities and events of a system is one of the most important(More)
Organization has to evaluate the competencies of their workers to improve organizational productivity. However, this is difficult because organizations have difficulties to capture and retain knowledge especially tacit knowledge of their employees. The study reviewed selected literature on management knowledge and employers competencies. It also reviewed(More)
Problem statement: Wireless Local Areas (WLANs) are subject to different types of vulnerabilities. Denial of Service (DoS) attack is the most current challenging issue on the WLANs. The objectives of the study were to (i) Provide an empirical analysis to conduct a series of wireless virtual carrier sense DoS attacks using wireless control frames(More)
In recent years, wireless LAN (WLAN) has gained popularity in a variety of locations. This has lead to development of high level security protocols for WLAN. The newest protocol IEEE 802.11i ratified to provide strong data encryption but it can not prevent Denial of Service (DoS) attacks on WLAN. This paper in a testbed, conducts an experimental framework(More)
The creations of models are essential for many knowledge disciplines to explain expected results. Modelling concept is well accepted in software engineering discipline. However, there is still a lacking integration of software process modelling and software process measurement by software engineers. This paper aims to portray the idea and result of(More)
The modelling concept is well accepted in software engineering discipline. Some software models are built either to control the development stages, to measure program quality or to serve as a medium that gives better understanding of the actual software systems. Software process modelling nowadays has reached a level that allow software designs to be(More)
Software metric data model has always been restructured, redefined to fit their respective software metrics, and yet it will never been permanently shaped. It is important to have a generic data model to handle software measurement data in digital format that can actually help making software metrics definition in future much robust, definable and(More)