A. Gálvez Perez

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Lipoxygenases are ubiquitous enzymes in eukaryotes. In plants, lipoxygenases are involved in the synthesis of the hormone jasmonic acid that regulates plant responses to wounding and, in addition, is an inducer of tuberization in potato. We have isolated potato lipoxygenase cDNA clones. From their deduced amino acid sequences, three distinct classes are(More)
A full-length cDNA clone (OepHPL) coding for hydroperoxide lyase was isolated from olive fruit ( Olea europaea cv. Picual). The deduced amino acid sequence shows significant similarity to known plant hydroperoxide lyases and contains a N-terminal sequence that displays structural features of a chloroplast transit peptide. Genomic Southern blot analysis(More)
The effect of ozone treatment on the postharvest quality of strawberry was evaluated. Strawberry fruits (Fragaria x ananassa Duch. cv. Camarosa) were stored at 2 degrees C in an atmosphere containing ozone (0.35 ppm). After 3 days at 2 degrees C, fruits were moved to 20 degrees C to mimic retail conditions (shelf life). The changes in several quality(More)
Methyl jasmonate (JAMe) vapors (⩽8 ppm) for 4 h at 25°C dramatically increased Golden Delicious apple peel β-carotene synthesis by nearly threefold to 35 ng/mm2, while control fruits remained nearly constant at 11 ng/mm2 during the 10 day measurement period. Chlorophyll a and to a lesser extent chlorophyll b and lutein degradation were accelerated by JAMe(More)
The enzymes lipoxygenase and hydroperoxide lyase have been identified in strawberry (Fragariax ananassa Duch.) var. Camarosa. Their subcellular localization, substrate preference, and product specificity were determined in mature strawberry fruits. The activity of both enzymes was located mainly in the microsomal fraction. Linolenic acid was the preferred(More)
Hydroperoxide lyase (HPOOH lyase) was extracted from tomato leaves (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) and purified to apparent homogeneity by fractionated precipitation with polyethylene glycol 6000, ion exchange chromatography, and ultrafiltration. The enzyme is a trimer of 73 000 Da units with a molecular mass of 216 000 (determined by native-PAGE and gel(More)
The substrate specificity of alcohol acyltransferase (AAT) enzymes from different strawberry varieties was studied. Proteins with AAT activity from fruits of Fragaria x ananassa Duch. cv. Oso Grande were purified to apparent homogeneity and used for kinetic studies with different straight-chain alcohols and acyl-CoAs. K(m) values obtained for Oso Grande(More)
Results obtained in a set of experiments point to an effective participation of olive seeds in the biosynthesis of olive oil aroma through the lipoxygenase pathway during the extraction process to produce virgin olive oil. Data showed that olive seeds should contain enzymatic activities metabolizing 13-hydroperoxides other than hydroperoxide lyase, giving(More)
An olive beta-glucosidase was purified to apparent homogeneity from mature fruits ( Olea europaea cv. Picual) by selective extraction and successive anion exchange and hydrophobic interaction chromatographic procedures. The enzyme was shown to be a homodimer made up of two identical subunits of 65.4 kDa. Optimum activity was recorded at pH 5.5 and 45(More)
Thermal stabilities of main enzymes involved in the biosynthesis of virgin olive oil (VOO) aroma through the lipoxygenase (LOX) pathway were studied in crude enzymatic preparations. Kinetic parameters of thermal inactivation for LOX were determined graphically and were shown to be compatible with the presence of two LOX isoenzymes (LOXlab and LOXres) having(More)