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GOAL, SCOPE AND BACKGROUND Amu Darya river, one of the main water resources of Uzbekistan, shows a relevant longitudinal enrichment of soluble contents which strongly limits the human uses of its waters. Because of the low natural run-off processes, salts and pollutants are mainly driven to the river by the return waters used for washing and irrigating the(More)
This paper describes an industrial cloud robotics distributed application that was executed across a high-speed wide-area network. The application was implemented using ROS libraries and packages. The purpose of the application is to enable an industrial robot to perform surface blending. A Kinect sensor, a surface blending tool and a laser scanner are(More)
Six metal carbido-carbonyl clusters have been isolated and recognized as members of a multivalent family based on the dioctahedral Rh(10)(C)(2) frame, with variable numbers of CO ligands, AuPPh(3) moieties, and anionic charge: [Rh(10)(C)(2)(CO)(x)(AuPPh(3))(y)](n-) (x = 18, 20; y = 4, 5, 6; n = 0, 1, 2). Anions [Rh(10)(C)(2)(CO)(18)(AuPPh(3))(4)](-)(More)
This work illustrates the feasibility of the implementation of innovative, efficient and low-cost solutions for fast-prototyping and customization of controlled mechanical and aeroservoelastic systems, applied to a controlled constant-speed wind-turbine as an example of the proposed methodologies. A physical problem is controlled by a controller process(More)
Environmental palladium levels are increasing because of anthropogenic activities. The considerable mobility of the metal, due to solubilisation phenomena, and its known bioavailability may indicate interactions with higher organisms. The aim of the study was to determine the Pd uptake and distribution in the various organs of the higher plant Pisum sativum(More)
BACKGROUND, AIM, AND SCOPE The widespread use of some platinum group elements as catalysts to minimize emission of pollutants from combustion engines produced a constantly growing increase of the concentration of these elements in the environment; their potential toxicological properties explain the increasing interest in routine easy monitoring. We have(More)
The nitrido-encapsulated heterometallic cluster anions [Co(10)Rh(N)2(CO)21](3-) (1), [Co(10)Rh2(N)2(CO)24](2-) (2), and [Co(11)Rh(N)2(CO)24](2-) (3) have been obtained by tailored redox-condensation reactions. These three anions are rare high-nuclearity mixed-metal clusters containing two interstitial nitrogen atoms. Their structures have been determined by(More)
This paper presents a fault tolerant distributed ATM switch architecture based on wavelength division multiplexing. The switching fabric consists of an all-optical ring shared among (possibly remotely located) switch ports. Input buuering is used to resolve cell connicts. A number of scheduling strategies are proposed to control cell transmissions within(More)
The substitution of one or two carbonyls by many different primary and secondary alkylamines and -diamines has been established for the first time in a homoleptic carbonyl cluster anion, the trigonal bipyramidal [Rh(5)(CO)(15)](-). Two derivatives, the bis-monosubstituted [[Rh(5)(CO)(14)]-(H(2)N(CH(2))(4)NH(2))-[Rh(5)(CO)(14)]](2-) dianion (1) and the(More)
The redox aptitude of the dinitrido anion [Co10N2(CO)19]4- has been tested from both chemical and electrochemical points of view, together with its reactivity toward CO that induces disproportionation. In any case, through a remarkable overlapping of intermediate steps, the new anion [Co11N2(CO)21]3- (4) is eventually obtained. A detailed study of the(More)
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