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Wireless technologies have rapidly evolved and are becoming ubiquitous. An increasing number of users attach to the Internet using these technologies; hence the performance of these wireless access links is a key point when considering the performance of the whole Internet. In this paper we present a measurement-based analysis of the performance of an IEEE(More)
Crossbred pigs (n = 240) from Pietrain x Large White sires mated to Landrace x Large White dams, with an average age of 100 d (60.5 +/- 2.3 kg of BW), were used to investigate the effects of sex and slaughter weight (SW) on growth performance and on carcass and meat quality characteristics. There were 6 treatments arranged factorially, with 3 classes(More)
A total of 360 Iberian dam×Duroc sire pigs was used to study the influence of gender and castration of females (CM, castrated males; CF, castrated females; IF, intact females) and slaughter weight (SW; 145 and 156kg body weight, BW) on performance and carcass and meat quality. Each treatment was replicated four times (15 pigs). Intact females ate less,(More)
A total of 200 (Landrace × Large White dam × Pietrain × Large White sire) gilts of 50 ± 3 days of age (23.3 ± 1.47 kg BW) were used to investigate the effects of castration (intact gilt, IG v. castrated gilt, CG) and slaughter weight (SW; 106 v. 122 kg BW) on productive performance, carcass and meat quality. Four treatments were arranged factorially and(More)
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