A. Frank Thompson

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At a time of unprecedented turbulence and challenge for healthcare organizations, maintaining healthy work environments is of paramount importance. Such environments support the day-to-day work of an organization and link its mission to customer service strategies and goals. We describe an unhealthy work culture and outline a practical approach that(More)
Waste management is a global observable occurrence. It constitutes a huge environmental problem if notproperly supervised. There is a considerable amount of waste disposal without proper planning which has led to both economic and environment challenges. There is a tremendous amount of loss in terms of environmental degradation, health hazards and economic(More)
Biometrics technology is evolving. Thus, researches have been done and implemented on many biometrics systems such as hand geometric, palm print, iris, voice gait. All these are sensitive to a number of factors such as background noise, high cost of deployment, inappropriate for large-scale identification, and finally gait-based system by the choice of(More)
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