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Advanced ovarian carcinoma continues to be a difficult tumor to evaluate noninvasively. Recent developments in chemotherapy have enhanced response rates in this disease, thus improving the likelihood of tumor regression. Computed Tomography (CT) allows the noninvasive estimation of tumor extent in patients with ovarian carcinoma. Seventeen patients with(More)
To assess the accuracy of computed tomography (CT) in staging advanced carcinoma of the cervix, 18 staging evaluations were performed in 16 patients with locally advanced (FIGO Stage IB-IVA) cervical carcinoma. CT staging results were compared with the results of clinical staging and postoperative staging. CT was accurate in 12/18 (66%) cases, clinical(More)
BACKGROUND The mechanisms involved in the amplification of the mast cell response during anaphylaxis are unclear. Mouse models of anaphylaxis demonstrate the critical involvement of neutrophils. These innate immune cells are highly abundant in peripheral blood and can be rapidly activated to trigger both local and systemic inflammation. OBJECTIVE To(More)
Acetaminophen abuse is common in many parts of the world. At overdose levels it causes hepatic and renal damage and because its treatment is expensive and prognosis is poor in some cases, calls for inclusion of an antidote have been made. Results of a past study showed that inclusion of methionine with acetaminophen in the ratio of 1: 9 did not confer(More)
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