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15 insulin-dependent diabetic children at onset were randomly allocated to one of two different therapeutical protocols: continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion (CSII) and intensified conventional insulin treatment with three daily insulin injections (CIT). Both treatments were performed for 10 days; the initial insulin dose was 1.5 U/kg/day and thereafter(More)
Pharmacological profile of broxaterol, a new beta adrenergic compound, was investigated in 12 asthmatic children (6 male and 6 female with age 8-13 years). This study was performed from November to May, and venous blood was collected after 30, 45, 120, 180, 240 minutes from administration of 0.5 mg broxaterol; the urine was collected every 4 hours drug(More)
Thirty-one children suffering from type I diabetes mellitus were arranged at onset of the disease in two different groups. Group 1 was treated with oral prednisone (60 mg X m-2 X day-1 for 14 days, 30 and 15 mg X m-2 X day-1 for 7 days). Group 2 matched the control group. All patients were treated with continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion for the first(More)
Allergic diseases are among the most common diseases in childhood and their prevalence is 14%. One of the most important pathogenetic factors is the ability to produce IgE and the measurement of cord serum IgE seems to be very important for early detection of newborns at risk. Besides, cigarette smoke, among the environmental factors, has been demonstrated(More)
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