A. Fisher

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Green fluorescent protein (GFP) has undergone a long history of optimization to become one of the most popular proteins in all of cell biology. It is thermally and chemically robust and produces a pronounced fluorescent phenotype when expressed in cells of all types. Recently, a superfolder GFP was engineered with increased resistance to denaturation and(More)
Historically, the general secretory (Sec) pathway of Gram-negative bacteria has served as the primary route by which heterologous proteins are delivered to the periplasm in numerous expression and engineering applications. Here we have systematically examined the twin-arginine translocation (Tat) pathway as an alternative, and possibly advantageous,(More)
Certified athletic trainers (ATCs) in District 2 (n=187) of the National Athletic Trainers' Association (NATA) were asked to complete a questionnaire that assessed the attitudes and judgments of ATCs concerning numerous factors presumed to influence sport injury rehabilitation. Gender and experience differences in ATCs' attitudes and judgments about(More)
In vascular interventional radiology, procedures generally start with the Seldinger technique to access the vasculature, using a needle through which a guidewire is inserted, followed by navigation of catheters within the vessels. Visual and tactile skills are learnt in a patient apprenticeship which is expensive and risky for patients. We propose a(More)
Directed evolution can be a powerful tool for revealing the mutational pathways that lead to more resistant bacterial strains. In this study, we focused on the bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis, which is resistant to members of the β-lactam class of antibiotics and thus continues to pose a major public health threat. Resistance of this organism is the(More)
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