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This paper applied a new concept of a nonlinear model reference PID controller for a planar robot arm. The controller consists of two second order differential equations, each in terms of the angle error of a single joint from the designed trajectory. The coefficients of each differential equation are specifiable giving the ability to specify the behavior(More)
The trajectory is one of major issues for a humanoid robot because not every trajectory can provide a stable robot motion. In this paper, a real human motion is used to generate a robot trajectory. Image processing and transformation are used to extract the trajectory from a human motion to a robot trajectory. The dynamic stability of a robot is considered(More)
The BASIS-70 user interface language for interactive information storage and retrieval has been described earlier.<supscrpt>1</supscrpt> This language has been extended to allow the user to perform arithmetic and functional operations on items of the retrieved records. Also, the extended language allows the user to format as desired a plot on an interactive(More)
Mining software repositories have frequently been investigated in recent research. Software modification in repositories are often recurring changes, similar but different changes across multiple locations. It is not easy for developers to find all the relevant locations to maintain such changes, including bug-fixes, new feature addition, and refactorings.(More)
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