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. This paper proposes a multi-level CAD system based on remote Reverse Engineering (RE). At the core of the system is an advanced multi-Level Of Detail (LOD) representation for remote CAD systems. The LOD is represented through hierarchical nested bi-variant surfaces. With the proposed multi-level approach, the entire RE takes tens of seconds for tens of(More)
There are two basic premises which underlie the development of ELF. The first of these is that there exists a need for a wide variety of programming languages; indeed, our progress in the understanding and application of computers will demand an ever widening variety of languages. There are, in fact, "scientific" problems, "data processing" problems,(More)
We present here a hierarchical approach for the detection and localisation of brake squeal. The proposed system exploits the spatial diversity of microphone arrays to localise a squealing brake. As brake squeal is emitted from a priori known regions, i.e. near the wheels, localisation of a squeal may be seen as a hypothesis testing problem. However, in(More)
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