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Proponents of cannabis law reform argue that many people who are convicted for minor cannabis offences have no prior criminal conviction and are otherwise law-abiding citizens. This study of criminal justice system data in a strict prohibition jurisdiction (Western Australia) found that over 10% of all charges and 85% of all drug charges were for cannabis.(More)
This paper deals with the relevance of analyzing the necessary development and of proposing a plan for research and remodeling the electrical infrastructures of port facilities. Good energy management principles, as well as electrical distribution architecture have a vital impact on performance of the installed system throughout its life cycle. The ports(More)
  • A Ferrante
  • 1993
A frequently recurring theme expressed in both the professional health literature and other multimedia sources is the current nursing shortage crisis. This shortage is an ever present reality that is of serious concern and that will continue to escalate unless innovative and creative strategies are implemented. This article will specifically address one(More)
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