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Human resources for health have many diverse aspects that sometimes bring about conflicts in the healthcare market. In recent decades issues such as attrition, migration, and different types of imbalances in health workers were not only considered as international problems, but also took on new particular dimensions and complications. Rapid growth in(More)
| December 2015 | 1218 In spite of an emphasis on high quality and quantity of Iranian publications in this article,[2] it should be noted that the complete cycle of science is not summarized in the first chain (science-production). Indeed, the production of technology and the achievement of economic development should be put in the context of scientific(More)
CONTEXT The present study of current telemedicine users is a unique attempt to understand the barriers and motivational factors related to the utilization of telemedicine. OBJECTIVE A survey of emergency and critical care remote presence telemedicine users was conducted to determine the factors that motivate and the barriers that impede the acceptance and(More)
2. It would have been better if the WIISARD system had been implemented in a real disaster or a large-scale disaster exercise. 3. In many countries, rescuers, first responders, and incident managers often must provide care to overwhelming numbers of victims, with limited resources, minimal information and inadequate communication tools. The WIISARD system,(More)
BACKGROUND Regarding the importance of air pollution issue for large cities, as Tehran metropolis, many plans, programs, projects and regulations have been developed to manage urban air pollution. However, most of them failed to decline the pollution. The purpose of this study is to pathologically analyze air-pollution control plans in order to offer(More)
Due to rapid changes of technology and scientific advances in health systems and need for fast planning in health care, entrepreneurial spirit among employers and employees is a crucial element. According to the field of entrepreneurship research has not been solved and where learning and innovation for healthcare organizations due to the nature of the work(More)
OBJECTIVES The purpose of this survey was to compare the knowledge, attitude and practice of Iranian, American and Chinese college students about tobacco use. METHODS In this cross-sectional study, a questionnaire that was designed for the first time in comparative studies for the purpose of gathering information from American and Chinese college students(More)
W e read the interesting article ‘‘Telemedicine for the Reduction of Myocardial Infarction Mortality: A Systematic Review’’ written by de Waure et al. that was published in this journal. Now we would like to make a few comments about the study. The title of the article implies that patients with myocardial infarction have been included in the study, whereas(More)
W e read with great interest the article ‘‘User Satisfaction with Asynchronous Telemedicine: A Study of Users of Santa Catarina’s System of Telemedicine and Telehealth,’’ which was published in this journal by von Wangenheim et al. This article has some advantages and disadvantages from our perspective, as noted in the following statements. The article’s(More)